About Saleema Academy


Saleema Academy is a fun and interactive weekend program aimed at teaching your child the basics of the Arabic Language, Quran Recitation and Islamic Etiquette.

To assure that your child will get the maximum benefit, please be involved in his or her education both at Saleema Academy weekend program and at the regular week day school he or she attends.

Studies show that children excel when their parents are engaged and interested in their success.

Saleema Academy & You

Quran Recitation, Arabic Language, and Good Manners.



Being a prominent force in empowering community members and other none profit organizations of similar goals to do all the good we can, in all the ways we can, in all the places we can, at all the times we can, to all the people we can, as long as we ever can.

Mrs. Amal Aldwiri


My name is Amal Aldwiri; I have all the pleasure to be a teacher at Saleema Academy. I have completed three years of education towards a Bachelor’s of Computer Science from the University of Jordan.  I am also a certified in Al Noranyah and Al Baghdadiya from Al Bonyan Institute in Jordan.  I am working on an Ijaza in tajweed Al Quran Al Kareem and I have completed several workshops in differentiation instructions and assessment.  I followed my father footsteps in becoming an Arabic teacher, my dream job!

I am a proficient experienced teacher in Arabic and Islamic education with insightful understanding of children’s behavior. I really enjoy working with children as I am known for creativity and motivational approaches in teaching them. I have more than nine years of experience in teaching, four of which at Al Madinah Arabic & Quran school in Arlington, Texas. During my study, I was an honor student and was awarded several scholarships. I have also participated in Arabic Calligraphy, painting, writing and Quran recitations and have won many contests. I like to set the example for my students by being an active energetic and caring about our Islamic & Arabic culture.

Mrs. Lina Alissawi


My Name is Lina Alisawi; I am a teacher at Saleema Academy for Saturday AM, Saturday PM, and Sunday AM shifts. I was born and raised in Kuwait. I believe that everyone is a teacher of patience. Seeing the smile on a child’s face when you know that they finally understand what they couldn’t before make teaching my pride and joy.  I have an Associate of Pharmacist Assistant from Queen Aliaa College in Jordan.  I am certified in Munthoma Al Jazareya, Al-Qaidah Al-Nooraniah and I have completed the first two levels of Tajweed and will soon get my Ejaza soon in sha Allah.

I have worked at Al Madina Quran and Arabic School in Arlington as a teacher for four years during which I taught Quran, Arabic, and Islamiyat. I also worked as a teacher sub at Mansfield ISD and Manara STEM Academy for the last 3 years and had volunteered as an Assistant Teacher at Al-Hedayah Islamic school.

My teaching approaches include role-playing models, cooperating learning and using technology in teaching. I enjoy teaching and discussion of matters from every aspect and I welcome feedback from parents anytime. I am happily married with four children.

Mrs. Suhad Awadi


My name is Suhad Awadi; I am a teachers at Saleema Academy. I teach students ranging from 5-9 years old to expand their knowledge in Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies.  I have certifications in Tajweed, Shamael Al-Mohamadeieh, and keyboarding.  I also have five years of teaching experience at Al-Medina Quran & Arabic School as well as three years of private tutoring in Quran and Arabic.

I enjoy working with children, spreading my knowledge and helping others to learn. I love getting the children involved with activities that help them to not just see or hear the letters, words, or sentences but creating them. I believe students’ engagement is the key to foster our students’ knowledge & characters. In my classes, I implement different activities such as   coloring pages, Play Doh, sparkles and gluing to create portraits of the letters learnt throughout the weeks.


I was born and raised in Jordan and I moved to the United States in 1993. I’m looking forward to many successful years at Saleema Academy were our kids can learn and grow with a better understanding of our religion, language, traditions, and culture. Please feel free to send me any comments that you may have.

Mrs. Haifa Inchassi


A teacher at Saleema Academy, Haifa Inchassi is passionate about teaching people to memorize the Quran and read & write Arabic. She has plenty of experience in teaching Tajweed to females from different countries. Mrs. Inchassi graduated from Rosary Sisters Vocational College in Jordan majoring in Sewing. She is also certified in Level 1 & 2 Tajweed, Level 3 Ijazah, and Al-Qaida Al-Noorania.

She taught children at Dar El-Eman School for four years and at Al-Madina for five years. Additionally, she has been tutoring children for the last five years on several topics that include Arabic, reading/memorizing the Quran, and Islamiyat. She had also tutored women for on how to read the Quran with Tajweed.

In her spare time, Mrs. Inchassi likes to do all kinds of different crafts and help people read the Quran the right way with Tajweed.

Mrs. Muna Jaber


My name is Muna Jaber; I am a teacher at Saleema Academy. I hold Bachelor of Arts in English from Irbid National University in Jordan. I have certificates in Quran Tajweed, Al- Noranya from the Conservation of the Holy Quran Society, child Education and Early Childhood and computer skills from the Ministry of Education in Jordan. I have attended workshops in authentic behavior, transformative learning, and teaching methods.

I have been working with children for eight years; that includes teaching at Al-Madina Quran & Arabic School as well as at public and private schools.  Teaching has always been my passion; I am excited to work with students and I always welcome any feedback from parents.

Mrs. Sana Maraka


My name is Sana Maraka and I am very excited to be a part of the great team at Saleema Academy. I am a strong believer in providing education for all children. Children are the future; therefore, it is important to provide them with a rich learning environment where they can be provided with many opportunities to practice social skills as well as activities that encourage cognitive development growth. An important quote that I invest in my teaching is “All students can learn and succeed but not in the same way on the same day”.

I am a Palestinian Muslim American who was born and raised in Jerusalem. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Al Quds University in Palestine. I am also certified in Tajweed from Al Furqan Institution in Jordan. I have nine (9) years of experience in teaching Quran, Arabic, and Islamiyat for students whom native language is not Arabic. That includes teaching at Islamic Center of Irving and Al Madina Quran & Arabic school in Arlington. Besides teaching at Saleema Academy, currently, I am also teaching at Al- Ikhlas Learning Foundation. I attended many educational workshops that helped to foster my pedagogical knowledge; I love working with children and I welcome comments from parents anytime.

Mrs. Hala Shoukeir


Hala Shoukeir is a teacher at Saleema Academy; she holds a Bachelor’s of Civil Engineering from Damascus University in Syria and a Bachelor’s of Sharia & Arabic Language from Alazhar University in Egypt. She memorizes the Holy Quran and has an Ijazah in Quran Tajweed.

Mrs. Shoukeir has more than seventeen (17) years of teaching experience in Quran, Islamic studies, and Arabic language. She enjoys helping children, youth and adults to learn perfect Quran recitation, to read and write Arabic, as well as to get deeper knowledge about the religion of Islam.

One of her big goals in life is to serve Islam and Muslims everywhere, Mrs. Shoukeir serves the community by offering a wide range of programs and services; she delivers lectures in Fiqh, Hadith, Quran, and Tafseer during weekdays at different mosques. She loves reading, sewing, coffee, and chocolate. She is happily married with two sons, Yusef and Zacharia.

Mr. Nimer Oweis


Mr. Oweis holds an Associate of Science in Mathematics from the UNRWA Teacher Training Institute in Lebanon and an Associate of Arts in Physical Education from the UNRWA Institute of Education in Jordan.

Mr. Oweis has more than forty years of experience as an educator; he is an experienced counselor who coordinates well with administrators, families and teachers to help students reach their full potential.  He deeply cares about student success and keeping guardians involved in students’ education. Besides many other accomplishments, Mr.  Oweis founded a comprehensive in and after-school enrichment program at Beit Jala UNRWA School, coached basketball and volley ball teams for forty one years, and conducted annual professional development workshops for UNRWA Lebanon staff for thirty five years.

An artist, Mr. Oweis enjoys painting on wood, pottery, glass and on cloth; his exhibitions were in the press in Denmark, Norway and Lebanon. Mr. Oweis received the Office of School Improvement Gold medal for high test scores in 1995 and 2010.

Ms. Ala Sheikh Alard


My name is Ala Sheikh Alard; a teacher at Saleema Academy. I have a bachelor of General Medicine from the Syrian Private University. I am a dedicated educator aiming to make learning a fun intuitive process. I had seen the importance of Quran throughout my life and strongly believe that such studies should begin at a young age. I have seven years of experience in teaching Quran and Islamiyat. I am very excited to teach our students at Saleema Academy and I welcome Parents feedback anytime.

Mrs. Hana Zarour


My name is Hana Zarour and I have had the privilege of being a part of the teaching staff at Saleema Academy. I have an Associate of Small Business Management from Tarrant County College and I am working on my second diploma in graphic design. I am also working on my certificate in Al Qaida Al Nooraniya. I have two years of experience in teaching Quran and Arabic at Dar Al-Salam Mosque in Arlington TX.

I believe that teaching Quran, Islamiat & Arabic is a huge responsibility and must be achieved with the highest levels of love, passion and innovation. My role as a teacher is to expand our students' perceptions and knowledge of Islam, and make sure they learn with atmosphere of positivity and love.  I am an artist and I conduct workshops for kids to teach them many creative projects. During my class time I make sure the students have many activities to learn and expand their perceptions, such as working with their hands in making the letters with beads, fabric, and glitter…

My major goal in teaching children is to mix between fun and study, and further to try my best to make sure that my students implement Islamic manners through their families, community and everyday life to become active members in their community.

Mr. Mazen Saed


Mr. Mazen Saed is a teacher of Quran, Arabic and Islamiyat at Saleema Acdemy. He is currently a Database team lead at American Airlines.  Mazen Saed holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics from the University of Jordan and a Master’s of Science in Computer Science from the University of North Texas at Denton. He also completed one year of Spanish language from the Official School of Languages in Madrid Spain.

Mr. Saed taught Mathematics for five years at high schools in Palestine and Jordan and taught computer science courses at Al-Najah University in Palestine from 1987 till 1988.  He also taught Arabic and Islamic studies at Al-Madina Quran & Arabic School in 2017.  Since 2006, he has been delivering the Friday khutbah at the prayer place at DFW airport whenever the official Imam is not available.


Mazen Saed was one of the founders of the Muslim Employee Resource Group at Amercian Airlines, an organization that educates non-Muslim employees about Islam through several programs, which include training programs for the Pilots and the Flight Attendants on some expected Muslims behaviors like prayers in the planes and refusing food or drink while fasting.  With some of his colleagues, Mr. Saed makes sure that any discrimination against Muslim employees and travelers are dealt with appropriately. He and some of his Muslim colleagues setup a Friday prayer room at DFW chaplaincy at Terminal D inside the secure zone for airport Muslim Employees and travelers.

Mrs. Fadoua Kassimi


My name is Fadoua Kassimi, a teacher at Saleema Academy. I was born in Morocco and I hold a Bachelor’s of Arabic Language and Literature from University of Muhammad the fifth of Rabat in Morocco. In also have a teaching certificate from the educational center at Kenitera City in Morocco. I have taken several courses in computer, Quran, French and Spanish.

I have fourteen years of experience in teaching Arabic and Islamic studies, four of which at Al Madina Quran & Arabic school in Arlington, TX. I firmly believe in the strength and the beauty of the Arabic language and the ability of the Islamic religion to produce good citizens. I love clarity, honesty, motherhood and family and I consider them blessings from Allah SWT.

I believe Arabic is an indivisible language; therefore, Arabic learners should grasp the language, understand the meaning and represent the values of this language associated with the Holy Quran. I also believe in the extraordinary abilities of any child if s/he is properly guided; I consider myself a partner with the parents in raising our children in the best possible Islamic way.

Mrs. Najwa Jaber


Salam Alykom. My name is Najwa Jaber; I am very happy to be a member of Saleema Academy teaching staff; I teach in Sunday Am session. I have been working with children for over nine years; that includes working with special education students, teaching as a substitute and private tutoring. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English from Irbid National University in Jordan. I am enrolled in Alnoranya workshop; in sha Allah that will lead me to a certification in that area.

I believe that a child’s education is the most valuable task to invest in and I think patience, flexibility and love are all great keys to success. I am always looking forward for opportunities to grow as a teacher and I welcome any feedback especially from parents.