About Saleema Academy


Saleema Academy is a fun and interactive weekend program aimed at teaching your child the basics of the Arabic Language, Quran Recitation and Islamic Etiquette.

To assure that your child will get the maximum benefit, please be involved in his or her education both at Saleema Academy weekend program and at the regular week day school he or she attends.

Studies show that children excel when their parents are engaged and interested in their success.

Saleema Academy & You

Quran Recitation, Arabic Language, and Good Manners.



Being a prominent force in empowering community members and other none profit organizations of similar goals to do all the good we can, in all the ways we can, in all the places we can, at all the times we can, to all the people we can, as long as we ever can.

Raouf Al-Awadi


As the Principal of Saleema Academy, Mr. Al-Awadi provides leadership and administration that support personnel to strive for superior performance so as to provide the best possible opportunities for student growth and development, both educationally and personally.  He oversees the academy’s staff, inventory and operations. A native of Kuwait, Mr. Al-Awadi, holds a Bachelor’s of Finance from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Mr. Al-Awadi is committed to community initiatives that help foster youth’s growth and success. He has owned and managed a few businesses and has served as Al Madina Quran & Arabic School Principal from 2011-2017, a weekend school that grew from fifty to more than four hundred students under his leadership. Mr. Al-Awadi is the founder of Saleema foundation, a non-profit organization aiming to provide access to the true life-transforming code of conduct encompassed in the Holy Quran and the authentic teaching of Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him.

Mr. Al-Awadi enjoys fishing, hunting and accompany of good friends; he is happily married with four beautiful children.

Ali S. Shaqlaih, Ph.D.

Academic Supervisor

As the Academic Supervisor, Dr. Shaqlaih directs Saleema Academy’s academic planning process and provides leadership & consultation in the development of curriculum and academic personal policy; he oversees instruction, assessment and teachers’ professional development. Dr. Shaqlaih holds graduate degrees in Mathematics and in Education from the University of Oklahoma, a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics from An-Najah National University and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Birzeit University in Palestine.  He is also certified in Middle School Teaching, High School Teaching, Undergraduate Teaching, Educational Supervision; Gifted Education, Supervisory Building Blocks and Navigating Leadership.

Dr. Shaqlaih has extensive experience in academia and his leadership led to various innovations in K-20 education; he has led several initiatives including building degree programs, developing school & college curriculum, assessing academic programs and originating & flipping schools. An educator,  a mathematician and  researcher by training, Dr. Shaqlaih has devoted much of his career to supporting K-20 outreach programs, STEM teaching & learning and teacher professional development;  he has published several papers & book chapters, delivered many presentations at national & international conferences, conducted tens of workshops and has reviewed several articles, books and degree programs.

Throughout his academic career, Dr. Shaqlaih has held several positions that include Teacher, Coordinator, Principal, Supervisor, Director, Chair, Associate Professor and Associate Dean. He has been a member of many academic organizations and has served on numerous committees, editorial boards, school boards, advisory councils and leadership teams. During his academic career, Dr. Shaqlaih was awarded several teaching, service and leadership awards from different schools, colleges and universities.

Mrs. Lina Idelah

Curriculum Coordinator

My name is Lina Idelah; the Curriculum Coordinator at Saleema Academy. I am an advocate for children and I believe all can learn. I believe in smiles, positive attitudes, respect, honesty and fairness in any environment to develop motivation and create relationships. I sincerely enjoy working with children. As children advocate, I expect the best from each child. It is my true belief that each child can learn and be successful.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Arabic Education from Hashemite University in Jordan. I completed several educational workshops including computer skills from Hashemite Learning Center, Tajweed 1 from Quran Center in Amman and Al Noraniyia from Al Quran Al Kareem Institute. I have around 15 years of experience in teaching Arabic to non-speakers; that includes teaching at a Saudi School in Irving, TX, Al-Madina Quran and Arabic School and Sprouts Educational Center in Arlington, TX.

I have served on curriculum committees and was awarded a nation-wide journalism contest for students. I am a native Arabic speaker and currently I am a full time Arabic teacher at Manara STEM Academy.

Mrs. Rawia Merheb

Office Coordinator

My name is Rawia Merheb, the Office Coordinator at Saleema Academy. Saleema Academy holds so much potential and growth opportunity for the children in our community. This promise of a stronger and more educated youth goes hand in hand with my ideals. I believe my experience and skills are fit to serve at Saleema Academy; indeed, I am passionate about serving the community and helping Saleema Academy set the example.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Primary Education from Dar Al-Cheemal Institute in Lebanon. I have over ten years of experience in working with Islamic and primary schools including Al Madina Quran and Arabic school in Arlington.  I am highly self-motivated and hard-working, exceeding expectations in my work and personal life. I strive for the best results in any job opportunity presented to me.

As the current Saleema Academy Office Coordinator, I am prepared and excited for this new educational endeavor and am determined to see the school succeed with my responsibilities in the office. Please do not hesitate to contact me if any information regarding the office is needed.

Mr. Nimer Oweis

Assistant Principal

As an assistant Principal at Saleema Academy, Mr. Oweis Coordinates the Sunday AM shift day operation and addresses issues, situations and/or problems that arise on campus or with enrolled students. Mr. Oweis holds an Associate of Science in Mathematics from the UNRWA Teacher Training Institute in Lebanon and an Associate of Arts in Physical Education from the UNRWA Institute of Education in Jordan.

Mr. Oweis has more than forty years of experience as an educator; he is an experienced counselor who coordinates well with administrators, families and teachers to help students reach their full potential.  He deeply cares about student success and keeping guardians involved in students’ education. Besides many other accomplishments, Mr.  Oweis founded a comprehensive in and after-school enrichment program at Beit Jala UNRWA School, coached basketball and volley ball teams for forty one years, and conducted annual professional development workshops for UNRWA Lebanon staff for thirty five years.

An artist, Mr. Oweis enjoys painting on wood, pottery, glass and on cloth; his exhibitions were in the press in Denmark, Norway and Lebanon. Mr. Oweis received the Office of School Improvement Gold medal for high test scores in 1995 and 2010.

Sr. Tasnim Al-Bosstani

Office Assistant

My name is Tasnim Albosstani and I currently serve as the office assistant at Saleema Academy. Saleem Academy has the potential to play such a large role in enriching our community and I am excited to be a part of that. As the office assistant, I will be able to grow my work experience and give back to the community.

I am a current college student at the University of Texas at Arlington (class of 2021) and am majoring in Computer Science.  I received many scholarships and awards leading to my decision to pursue my career at UTA. I graduated with honors and received a high school diploma in the top 10% of my class. I believe my drive for high achieving marks will aid my experience at Saleema Academy.

I enjoy reading web articles, creating home-style videos, and  running.

Sr. Raneem Al-Bosstani

Office Assitant

Syrian-American, Raneem Al-Bosstani is a Saleema Academy team member and office assistant for Sr. Rawia on Saturdays. Raneem was born and raised in Arlington TX, where she grew up with her parents and 6 loving sisters. As she prepares for college, Raneem is ambitious for pursuing law while attending the University of Texas at Dallas. Raneem is an “A” honor roll student who displays high levels of professionalism and leadership through her work ethic and social conduct. She has publicly spoken at various TED like events for 4 consecutive years as Raneem’s passion for public speaking and advocating continues to prosper. Raneem is also vice president of an international organization known as DECA. As VP of district 7, Raneem has competed globally, from South Korea to California, amongst some of the best business professionals in the world. She enjoys administrative work and therefore has enjoyed and continues to enjoy every second working with the parents, the children, and the hard-working staff at Saleema Academy. One of Raneem’s favorite things to do is run and she will soon be joining her track team to compete in the 2018 Junior Olympics.


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