• Curriculum Overview

The curriculum of Saleema Academy weekend program is based on the teaching of Quran and Authentic Hadeeth of the Prophet, Peace be Upon Him. It integrates Quran, Islamiyat, and Arabic; it focuses on personality & character development and fostering students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to function successfully as Muslims in the society. The goal is not to simply fill students’ minds with information about Islam, but rather to lead them to being productive practicing Muslims. To that end, the well-designed spiral curriculum of the weekend program at Saleema academy consists of twelve levels; the first nine levels integrate Quran (with Al Qaida Al Noranyya), Islamiyat, Arabic and character building; the lower the level, the more concentration on the principles of Arabic language. The last three levels aim to dig deeper in the study of Quran tajweed and tafseer.


  • Teaching Philosophy

Learning at Saleema Academy is based on Quran and Authentic Hadeeth of the Prophet, peace be upon him. By focusing on Islamic values and by considering the ethical dimensions of topics, learning at Saleema Academy becomes a powerful vehicle for character and moral development, thus achieving its real purpose. The teaching approach integrates active transformative learning with differentiated student-centered instruction. Indeed, when learning is meaningful and relevant, students are intrinsically motivated to learn. At Saleema Academy, students are led to discover the larger connections between the knowledge and skills they are learning—rather than memorizing isolated bits of information (Inquiry Based Learning). Teachers, students, parents and administrators are actively and genuinely engaged in the teaching & learning process. The effective teacher must be prepared to continuously update his or her knowledge base, adjust goals and content to students’ needs and to develop examples that relate directly to students. To that end, all Saleema Academy teachers meet periodically for professional development opportunities.


  • Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Graduates of Saleema Academy weekend program will be able to:

  • Recite Quran fluently with Tajweed
  • Reflect Islamic characters in their daily lives
  • Think critically through explaining parts of the Quran
  • Perform Islamic obligations correctly
  • Articulate the central beliefs and practices of Islam
  • Identify major events of the Islamic History
  • Saleema Academy Weekend Program in Words
  • Integrates Quran, Islamiyat & Arabic
  • Lead by an experienced Principal
  • Supervised by an expert in Education
  • Coordinated by a specialist in Teaching
  • Operated by a committed Office Coordinator
  • Delivered by certified Teachers
  • Executed by a well-designed spiral curriculum
  • Differentiated by twelve academic levels
  • Implemented through a student- centered teaching philosophy